Sunday, November 22, 2009

let me knowww...

I would like to know what your favourite brand of makeup is.
may i have something more original than MAC??

I will go first
my favourite brand o fmakeup is manicare, not only because of their high quality nail polishes but also because they are the big company behind my favourite brand of brushes, Artiste.


  1. i love revlon makeup :)
    its a reasonable price but very classy packaging and great products
    and omg i love artiste brushes aswell, the only brand i use in brushes

  2. I know, my friends are THE BEST!!
    Violeta is the friend who brought me the Prouds necklace & earring set and she couldn't even make it to my party but still bought me a present.
    I agree. I was so shocked at everything i got because now i am going to be able to do a heap of shopping and it will all be FREE.
    I am going to have to pay them all back though with really good prezzies for their birthday.