Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Bascially the wonderful and beautiful Jordan (http://www.jordysbeautyspot.blogspot.com/) hd a competition and i won!
Originally i won a pigment and an eyeshadow but when i opened the parcel i found a pigmet, two lipglosses and a note explaining.
The note was Jordan apologizing that she did not include the eyeshadow because when she went to post it, she dropped the parcel and had to open it to check if it was okay and it wasnt because the eyeshadow had cracked. So she went to MAC 2 days later and got me two dazzleglass'! She was originally only going to get me one but she felt really bad because not the parcel would be late so she got me two.
Thank you sooo much Jordy
you are so kind and i know people who would ahve just sent the parcel anyway without checking.
:) It came really quick though even though it was 2 days late it arrived 2 days after you sent it!


  1. congrats hun! about the swap, you mind if i ask what specific brand you are going to exchange for the clinique items i have? :) email me at jbreezybaby24[at]gmail[dot]com